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01. "Break the ice"

Будьте уверены в себе!

Избавьтесь от "лингва-комплексов"!

Мы вам в этом, безусловно, поможем!

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02. Be "lingua-leader"

Наши методики - самые действенные!

Вы будете поражены, как легко даётся вам изучение!

Мы уверены - на этом вы не остановитесь!

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03. Be "Big Cheese" with us

Иностранный язык - это легко и просто!

Начать изучать его - ещё проще!

Мы в вас верим!

"BIG CHEESE" – language courses for everyone!

We will teach you to speak a foreign language freely using various vocabulary, you will understand difficult professional texts, will be able to conduct negotiations and maintain correspondence with foreign colleagues and partners. All this in a foreign language!!!

You don’t believe?
Come over and confirm yourself!

You start to speak in foreign language already after the 1st class!

Already in the 1st class you will break the language barrier and you will be able to get acquainted and present yourself in a foreign language! And then.. and then you will so much like it so you won’t be able to stop

We use only proven techniques

The experience of our teachers is very rich. In our school we use only proven techniques that give result. You don’t need to learn by rote in our school, new material will be easy to understand and to remember!

You will communicate with native-speakers on the same level!

Half of our teachers are native speakers! They know all nuances of pronounciation and vocabulary! Right from the beginning you will realize that you have the gift of tongues!


put yourself in hands of our experienced teachers!


Insegnante d' Italiano

Olbia, Sardegna, L'Italia


Teacher of English
London, England


Teacher of English

California, The USA


Teacher of German

Moscow, Russia


Teacher of English

Sidney, Australia


Teacher of English

Moscow, Russia


Teacher of English & French

Ottawa, Canada


Teacher of English & Italian
Moscow, Russia
Bari, L'Italia


Teacher of Spanish & Russian

Moscow, Russia


Insegnante d' Italiano

Rimini, L' Italia


Teacher of Russian

Moscow, Russia


Teacher of English

California, USA


Foreign language with Russian teacher

Price depends on students number in group

  • Individual class
    1980 rub
  • Group of 2 students
    1480 rub.
  • Group of 3 students
    980 rub.
  • Group of 4 students
    780 rub.

Foreign language with native speaker

Price depends on students number in group

  • Individual class
    2980 rub.
  • Group of 2 students
    1880 rub.
  • Group of 3 students
    1580 rub.
  • Group of 4 students
    1280 rub.

Special course of foreign language

- business-management
- information technologies
- tourism
- show-business
- acting skills
- engineering
- medicine
- fashion and beauty
- catering management

  • 2-4 months
  • 32/128 hours
  • certificate


What do our students say about our "Big-Cheese"school:

There is very interesting “real-chat” in this school with native speakers. If you want to increase your level of knowledge and break psychological barrier then this school is what you need!

Антон Афанасьев (Anton Afanasiev)

I study in big-cheese not very long but I already can say that my English is getting better! Classes here are very interesting and fruitful. Atmosphere is very nice and friendly.

Vladochka Vladochka

Big- cheese – is very cool.....i’ve started studying here not long ago. But im happy that im studying English here in Big-cheese... teacher is amazing.... atmosphere is always friendly!

Lazar Cristina

Thanks for helping my family with foreign languages! With every good wish your Sergey.

Сергей Кравченко (Sergey Kravchenko)

I tried many different ways of studying English (studies in groups, studies with tutor). But only in Big Cheese I got everything unscrambled. I recommend this school to all my friends!!!

Аня Паркасова (Anya Parkasova)

Teachers are super! They explain very clearly! If you want to see results in short period of time then I recommend you this school!

Людмила Маркова (Lyudmila Markova)


Our students and friends

Some interesting facts!

We like to teach and learn too! We like to rest and communicate!

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Our international philological center of foreign languages “Big Cheese” is situated in the city center of Moscow, 5 mins by walking from metro station "Охотный ряд" and "Кузнецкий мост"

We are always happy to meet guests and students!

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  • +7 (916) 928-07-37
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